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Spiky Agarwood Acupressure Massage Balls

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The Spiky Agarwood Acupressure Massage Balls are made from Agarwood which is a fragrant dark resinous wood used in incense, perfume, and small carvings such as the accupressure massage balls. The spiky balls can be used as a pain relief tool during pregnancy and labour.

Whilst pregnant, the spiky ball is an excellent massage tool.  Roll it over any tight or sore muscles and it will help relax the muscle and relieve trigger points, stimulating blood flow and relieving tension.

During labour, you can roll the spiky ball between your hands or squeeze a ball in each hand tightly. You may also roll it on the floor with the sole of your foot  to help relieve pain.  The tactile stimulation will assist in focussing your pain receptors away from your contractions.

Some labouring people have used the spikes of a comb pressed into their hand, the spiky balls permit pressure and stimulation over a wider area and are considered more effective.

The price is for 1 ball