BeEco Wraps

Hannah and I have been very BEEZY with our new product BeEco Wraps . We are so excited about this new venture which is in line with our re-usable, planet friendly, NZ made philosophy. We have some ideas for other products but for starters we feel sure that you will be happy with BeEco Wraps

Hand-made from cotton and beeswax, BeEco Wraps are a fabulous alternative to plastic food wrap. 

Wash your BeEco Wrap after use in warm soapy water and dry. Cared for this way your BeEco wraps should last 12 months.

BeEco Wraps are compostable at the end of their intended life, kind to the planet and your wallet. 

BeEco Wraps colour-ways may be different from that pictured but all packs will have 3 wraps - one "bee themed", one calico and one coloured.

Ingredients, Beeswax (locally sourced) jojoba oil, pine resin (to help with stickiness)