Sage-Femme / Wise Woman - Midwife

Sage-Femme products are a new venture from mother and daughter duo Catherine Rietveld and Hannah Latta. Our products are inspired by our experiences as a midwife and mother. We have named our product range “Sage-Femme” (pronounced saaj fem) which literally translates from French as “wise woman” and is the French name for midwife.

We observed a need for simple products made sustainably from renewable resources. We have a philosophy of environmental responsibility. We encourage our consumers to recycle, refill and re-purpose the containers. Our refillable options are only available in Christchurch and Wellington currently.

Our products

Sage-Femme Personal Wipes for home use by the whole family and travel wipes for away from home convenience. These are made from paper towels, water, aqueous cream, lavender oil (anti-fungal), tea tree oil (anti-bacterial), and kawakawa tea (healing properties). We have found that regular use of Sage Femme wipes help prevent nappy rash. They have also been recommended by people suffering from haemorrhoids or piles and those suffering from anal fissures and cracks.

Our wipes are made fresh for our customers.

Sage-Femme Personal Travel Wipes for the same fresh convenience on the go. These wipes are made from cotton not synthetics. They are not flushable but are kinder to the environment.

Sage-Femme Kawakawa Balm made from, shea butter, beeswax, olive oil, kawakawa oil, calendula oil, manuka oil and lavender oil. Our balm can be used at each nappy change as it will inhibit bacterial and fungal growth and provide a barrier from pee and poo on baby’s tender skin.

Sage-Femme Kawakawa Balm may be used by the whole family to treat nappy rash, grazes, cracks, fissures, insect bites and minor skin infections.